Insurance of your investment

We are proud to introcuce our partner DHF Property Group. Because of this partnership we can really offer you a secure investment. If a FUND should reach it’s maximum drawdown this insurance will become effective.

Your investment is secured by the contract we have with the DHF Property Group.  This means your investment is backed by the balanced real estate assets of DHF Property Group LLC.
DHF Property Group LLC is purchasing highly valued real estate from Dubai based developer Emaar guaranted to cover the eventual loss on your investment.

The DHF Property Group LLC ensures that it always has a high class real estate portfolio, valued for the value of the products it’s protecting. It will purchase new properties continuously as our investment portfolio grows along the way. In the last years the DHF Property Group LLC has created an impressive portfolio with real estate all over the world. 


We believe that utilizing these premium DHF Property Group LLC’s assets as collateral gives the investor an extra peace of mind, knowing that their investment is secured by assets with an active secondary market and consistent demand.

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